Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Our simple and versatile Electronic Medical Records solution makes documenting clinical notes a breeze. With a few clicks of the mouse, physicians can view patient summaries, create comprehensive case notes using pre-defined customisable templates, prescribe medications, order investigations and a lot more from a single screen.

Patient Summary at a glance

The face sheet provides a comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical summary; on-going medications, problems, allergies, vitals and lab results as graphical charts, immunisations, family & social history, personal habits and other important data points. Each section is interactive and can be updated directly from the summary.

Fast & Comprehensive case notes

Simply put, our case notes are comprehensive and faster than writing. Our templates cover all aspects of an encounter such as chief complaints, physical examination, vitals & progress indicators, investigations, treatment, clinical reminders, diagnosis, follow up-plans, risk assessment and specialist sections.

We understand that each physician’s workflow is different. That’s why our team has created 1000’s of templates for doctors across the world. You can pick from our pre-defined templates or get your customised version absolutely free of cost.Templates can be pre-filled with standard data and re-used for patients with similar diagnosis or for a standard care plan event. This saves time and effort.

Treatment & Advice

Prescribing drugs, ordering investigations, recording procedure details, administering immunisations is especially fast with our innovative one click approach. Create your own favourite list of medications, including ready-made prescriptions using trade names or generics. Order investigations and record their results with ease. Create immunisation plans and note administration details with a single click. Take a demo to see the real versatility and speed of the solution.

Follow-Ups and On-Going Care Management

Special features in our EMR allow effective management of patient follow-ups whether a single follow-up or part of an on-going care / treatment plan lasting days, months or years.

Summarised past visit details, graphical progress charts, medication protocols, analysis of lab results, automated SMS / email reminders, target setting and easy monitoring of treatment efficacy are all in-built to save time for physicians and enhance patient care and satisfaction.


See our EMR features in Action

User Feedback

I find Easy Clinic, like its name, very easy to use, very useful for maintaining electronic patient records, saving lot of my time which is better used for patient communication. The system also saves lot of office space as there is minimal use of paper.

dr shrikant patankar
Dr. S Patankar Psychiatrist

The best feature for me is that it has a comprehensive data entry feature and it is very user friendly. It stores all the measurements, clinical history, prescriptions and investigations which can be retrieved later at just a few clicks.

Dr. S Lakshmi
Dr. C Patel M.D,F.Diabetology

I can recapitulate every details of the patients previous visits , just by entering his name or no and get a freshed about his problem just 15 seconds when he settles in front chairs.

Dr. Vikas Agarwal
Dr. P Naik MD, DGO

The software is very user friendly due to various features like shortcuts while writing clinical notes, ready prescriptions for common ailments, investigation modules, neat & presentable prescriptions.

Dr. R Bagwe M.S., FIAGES

The most beneficial feature is drug interactions. Thus it gives safety to the patient as well as works as protector for doctors.

Dr. V Agarwal MBBS,FCGP

So incredibly logical and user friendly . This software more flexible & more number of options and it reduces my work up to 50%.

Dr. Kathiravan R M.B.B.S , M.S ENT