Communication – SMS, Email


Communication is a key to successful management of a medical practice. Easy Clinic makes communicating with Patients, Referral Doctors, Third Party providers, Suppliers and Internal staff really simple via Automated SMS and emails.

Automation with Flexibility

Messaging for every module can be customised through a simple interface. Setup your message templates & define the events for automation. Then sit back and Easy Clinic will take care of sending SMS and/or Email such as appointment reminders, re-scheduling, birthday greetings, lab results, clinical reminders, etc.

Oh Yes – Don’t forget to ask us about our IVR telephony module!

See our Communications features in Action

User Feedback

Easy Clinic has made me and my diabetes center a friendly place to be and my CLINICAL work EASY.

Dr. Chand Patel
Dr. C Patel M.D,F. Diabetology - Consultant Diabetologist

Financial aspects have now become very easy for me to look into the day book & monthly, quarterly accounts. Easy drug reckoner is very useful to know about the product information.

Dr. S Lakshmi
Dr. S Lakshmi Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The most beneficial feature is drug interactions, which are very difficult to remember, thus it gives safety to the patient as well as works as protector for doctors.

Dr. Vikas Agarwal
Dr. V Agarwal MBBS, FCGP