Appointment Scheduling


Easy Clinic streamlines your day with its really simple appointment scheduling, automatic reminders, custom calendar views, colour coding and one-click scheduling.

Reduce paperwork and streamline your day with the most intuitive click-drag-drop appointment scheduler.Really easy and customisable for individual practitioners and large clinics alike.

Schedule Doctors, Rooms and Resources

Our Appointment scheduler is simple to use, yet powerful enough to handle any type of resource scheduling be it a single doctor, multiple doctors, assistants and resources such as rooms.

Reminders, Alerts & Performance Monitoring

Automatic SMS & email messages are sent to remind patients of their appointments thereby reducing the likelihood of no-shows. Couple this up with our patient portal or direct website booking and your patients will love the flexibility and ease of scheduling visits to your clinic.

Monitor performance of patients queue and check your waiting room at a glance. Set protocols for follow up patients, package treatments, off-days and re-scheduling using our innovative Smart Appointments feature.


See our Appointment features in Action

User Feedback

It maintains patient appointments without any problems. Follow-ups and future references of patients becomes very easy.

mr behram khodaiji

I highly recommend this tool for fixing appointments & searching previous records are amazing.

dr ravindra dhabhai
Dr. R Dhabhi M.D. (Skin & V.D)

In spite of the internet and weather problems I was never deprived of my due appointments.

dr gv ramana rao
Dr. G V Ramana Rao M.D.,D.P.M,Consultant psychiatrist